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Our dynamic sleep education presentations, workshops and consulting projects emphasize important topics related to quality sleep: nutrition, exercise, stress, lifestyle practices, safety and clinical sleep. After analysis and employee training, we also will suggest remedies to improve employee wellness and contain your healthcare bottom line.

From our headquarters in Louisville, KY we constantly review the latest research in sleep medicine and sleep deprivation. We use this information in our educational materials: our free monthly e-newsletter and podcasts, and in our programs to inform clients and the public about the importance of sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation.

Quanta Dynamics has established a consultant relationship to the Kentucky Sleep Society and recently concluded a $585,000 Federal Rural Health Outreach Grant, awarded to the Sleep Society. During the three-year grant we delivered information throughout the state of Kentucky to schools, health centers and non-profit groups about the value of sleep and how obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure can be improved by treating chronic sleep deprivation and the sleep disorder, sleep apnea.

We have developed a number of products to help individuals improve their sleep. Our latest book, Why Sleep? Your Guide to the Benefits of Sleep, is an everyday guide containing practical suggestions to understand and improve sleep, and it is available for purchase on our website. We also have developed many booklets, informational sheets and CDs to improve sleep. Please take time to review them in our product section.

Contact us if we can be of help and please visit our site often for new information and ideas relative to your needs.

Mary I. O’Sullivan
President, Quanta Dynamics, Inc