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Quanta Dynamics, Inc.

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Quanta Dynamics, Inc.
has helped individuals Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity since 1996.  We provide the latest information about sleep and suggest solutions to solve sleep and stress problems.  (Sleep is a major contributor in helping us feel good and is the body's natural process for rejuvenation).

From our headquarters in Louisville, Ky., we constantly review the latest research on sleep and sleep deprivation.  We use our findings in corporate consulting projects, group seminars, and special presentations to educate adults and teens about sleep.

Quanta Dynamics believes in complimentary approaches to health, and we recommend a variety of therapies to improve well-being.  In addition to sleep, we also believe that proper diet/nutrition and exercise are cornerstones of healthy living.

We think sleep aid medications can be beneficial short-term, but they may have negative side effects, can be habit-forming and may not solve a stress-related sleep problem. 

Our book, "Why Sleep?", contains practical suggestions to understand and improve sleep.  It is available for purchase online. 

  Mary I. O'Sullivan, M.S.

  President, Quanta Dynamics, Inc.

Mary O'Sullivan is a national training consultant and has presented seminars for over twenty years.  She began her career as a professional development instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then became Assistant Director of National Schools for the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) at the  world headquarters in Madison, WI.  She designed and conducted week-long national technical training schools nationwide for credit union personnel.

From 1990-1995, Ms. O'Sullivan directed an applied research center, the Quanta Center of Learning and Development.  Research conducted with several thousand people revealed how early childhood learning affects adult behavior, and how worries, anxieties and stress impact sleep and performance.  Today she is a leading expert on sleep and its relationship to stress and performance issues.


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