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Quanta Dynamics, Inc.

For more information about sleep and stress, Quanta Dynamics, Inc. would like to recommend the following sites.  Just click on the name in the green bar. 

    Additional Sleep Resources
     Kentucky Sleep Society

The Kentucky Sleep Society was established in October 1998 to promote and advance the shared interests of sleep professionals engaged in the field of sleep medicine by providing a forum for exchange of current research and information about sleep disorders.


As a society they are committed to increase public awareness of sleep disorders as they impact the function and productivity of daily living.  This is accomplished through education and training of health professional organizations, federal, state and local regulatory bodies, health insurers, and the community we serve.

     National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to both the prevention of catastrophic accidents caused by sleep deprivation and excessive sleepiness and to enhanced quality of life for the millions of Americans who suffer from sleep disorders. 


Their web site provides information about their activities, research and publications as well as general information about sleep deprivation and sleep disorders.

     Sleep Home Pages: UCLA Brain Information Service

The Brain Information Service Sleep Home Pages is an index of websites that promote research or treatment of sleep and sleep-related disorders.  


It includes listings of clinics, researchers, databases for the literature available on sleep, abstracts for papers presented to professional sleep society organizations, discussion forums, and various other sleep related resources.

     NAPS: New Articles and Papers on Sleep

NAPS is a free weekly alerting service for the sleep field. Subscribing to the service is free, and subscribers receive a weekly E-mail alert of new citations in their specific areas of interest. 


The NAPS Archives also contain all sleep and sleep-related papers for the current year. In addition, a search engine is available for searching by author, category, or keyword.

     BEDS: Bibliographic Electronic Database of Sleep


    Additional Stress Resources
     Stress Management for Patient and Physician

     Self  Therapy Training Program

Tony Schirtzinger's Self-Therapy site is a good collection of articles addressing topics related to self awareness and understanding.  He describes his goal for the site is "to provide new and enjoyable ways for people to get real help." Schirtzinger adds new topics approximately every other week. 


Schirtzinger has more than twenty-five years experience as a psychotherapist and trainer of therapists and counselors. He is a Certified Transactional Analyst and has extensively trained in a remarkably wide range of clinical areas.

     Excedrin Headache Resource Center

The Excedrin Headache Resource Center™ is an educational outreach program for headache sufferers that provides advice on how to better manage headache pain and be more in control of the situations that may trigger headaches. 


Their site provides a question and answer section on headache pain, information about when to see the doctor, and information about sleep and stress causes of headache pain.

     The Anxiety Panic Internet Resource

    General Health Resources
     Life Current — For Health Nuts and Others


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