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Consequences of Sleep Loss

Accumulated sleep loss over time becomes a sleep debt that can have serious consequences for your employees, such as:
  • Reduced performance and productivity
  • Strained worker relationships
  • Increased mistakes
  • Increased accidents and employer liability
Annual costs associated with sleep debt in our twenty-four hour society are staggering and industry bears much of the expense.

Safe and profitable operations require attention to improving worker alertness and productivity. This can be accomplished by understanding how accumulated sleep debt, the human circadian clock, and lifestyle factors affect worker performance and quality of life.

By educating your employees, we know we can make a difference in your bottom line!

Annual Costs of Sleep Debt

Higher Health Insurance Costs

$ 1 Billion
Employee Turnover and Retraining Costs

$ 5.5 Billion
Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Attacks

$ 2.5 Billion
Accidental Injury & Deaths at Work

$ 2 Billion
Other Medical & Psychiatric Illnesses

$ 50 Billion
Manufacturing Productivity Losses

$13.5 Billion
Industrial Accident Costs

$ 2.5 Billion
Motor Vehicle Accidents