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Quanta Dynamics Educational Workshops

Employee Workshops

Our workshops are important for your employees’ health and safety and your company’s bottom line! Today’s 24/7 society demands long hours at work. Many employees are not getting sufficient sleep since they work non-traditional hours that challenge natural sleep patterns. A sleepy and tired employee can be just as dangerous to your company or organization as an alcohol-impaired one.

Quanta Dynamics’ specialized consultants can assist your company with our customized in-house education and training programs. All workshops are given as 90 minute presentations, although they can be expanded into a half day or full day of training. They can include the following subjects:
  • The Value of Sleep
  • What is Normal Sleep
  • The Impact of Short Sleep
  • Factors Affecting Sleep Quality
  • The Stress and Sleep Connection
  • Working Non-Traditional Hours
  • How Sleep Loss Affects Performance and Productivity
  • Lifestyle Affects Sleep
  • Workable Solutions to Increase Alertness

Company Issue Workshops Related to Sleep

These workshops emphasize the employer’s responsibility pertaining to sleep issues. Increased accidents and health-related costs due to sleep-deprivation, make it imperative that to minimize liability concerns, companies need to plan for and document their role in relation to sleep issues. Key workshops include the following subjects:
  • Investigation/Documentation
  • D.O.T. Regulations
  • Promotion of Prevention Medicine in Insurance Plans
  • Policies and Procedures Related to Sleep
  • Provision for Employee Education
Don’t put your company, employees or others at risk by having your employees working, driving and operating machinery while sleepy or fatigued. We can identify potential problems and provide the help you need!

Contact Us for details on a customized program.


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