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Experienced, quality-oriented and results-driven. We evaluate, design and deliver customized sleep education: presentations, training workshops and consulting projects to improve employee health, safety and performance. With our programs, companies can better control healthcare and worker comp costs, and create a more informed and productive work force.

Our customized programs provide practical and effective information about sleep benefits, obtaining quality sleep, sleep deprivation effects, and health and safety risks associated with inadequate sleep. We incorporate the very latest information into our programs and client satisfaction is foremost in our work.

Sleep Workshops, Sleep Deprivation Effects, Sleep Debt, Sleep Benefits Programs
“Your Sleep is Important to Us!”

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Our Publication
Why Sleep? Your Guide to the Benefits of Sleep
by Mary I. O’Sullivan, M.S.

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•  Improve Sleep
•  Reduce Stress
•  Manage Non-Traditional Schedules
•  Life-Changing Tips

Use “Why Sleep?” as your personal guide to improve sleep. Quick and easy to read, it provides the most current information to help you get adequate sleep.

More information available.

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What We Do
Employee Fatigue

Quanta Dynamics, Inc. offers specialized employee programs to increase awareness of the effects of sleep deprivation and suggests useful methods and techniques to encourage quality sleep.

Today’s global economy and technological advances pressure us to work, travel and parent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have become stressed and exhausted while working non-traditional hours that challenge natural human sleep patterns.

More than seventy million Americans say they have trouble sleeping:

  • Do you have worker fatigue in your workplace?
  • Do your employees have trouble staying awake during work?
  • Have you had any company accidents lately?
  • Are your healthcare costs skyrocketing?
cost of sleep debt

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